Names of People

Interesting ways to name a child
  1. This is about my colleague ‘Pralaypati’ and his friend ‘Toofaan’. The year 1978 was a year of floods in India. Major parts of North and East India were very badly affected. In the month of September, West Bengal faced one of the biggest floods ever. The whole area was drowned in water. The most significant day of destruction was 21st September. It was this day when two people were born in a Ibidpur, a village in West Bengal. The names of these two were attributed to the prevailing conditions there. They were named Pralaypati (Master of Natural Calamity, Lord Shiva) and Toofaan (The storm).
  2. We all know that Tsunami rocked Asian continent on 26th Dec, 2004. A couple in Nagercoil, South India on Jan 09, 2005 named their two-month-old son “Tsunami” after he survived the killer waves which lashed their beach side hamlet. In a similar tale of hope overcoming despair, a woman in Port Blair, capital of India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands that were badly hit by the waves, also named her prematurely born boy Tsunami.
  3. Many people in Europe and America have a name which is pronounced as ‘S-H-A-U-N’. I have seen following multiple ways to spell this:
    1. Shawn
    2. Shaun
    3. Shone
    4. Sean
  4. I encountered one very long name – thanks to my colleague Gaurav Mishra. Here is it: “panu ganti naga venkata satya bheemeshwara rama sharda sai kirna sharma”…
  5. GST: In a bizarre instance, parents from Chhattisgarh have named their daughter ‘GST’ after the launch of India’s biggest tax reform as she was born on July 1. The father of the girl child, Jagdish Prasad, said that the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Goods and Services Tax (GST) reform as a tax revolution on July 1, his daughter was born. So he could not hold his excitement and named her GST to make this day a memorable one.



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