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Belle: The Mysterious Message (2018/June/20)

Author: Kitty Richards

Belle is the the prisoner of a fearsome Beast and she is kept in a castle. The castle is very big with lot of rooms. The elaborate castle made the things interesting for Belle. The castle also has an amazing library where she goes and finds that it has lot of books.

Belle discovers a secret message hidden in one of the books. She very soon realizes that it has solution to an old mystery.

In the book, Belle tries to solve the same mystery with the help of Lumiere, an enchanted candelabrum, and a teacup named Chip.

The story of “The Phantom of the Theater: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure” (2018/April/28)

A singer named Violetta Von Cacklefur is going to sing at the Royle Mousetropolitan theater. But, a ghost named ‘Phantom of the theater’ has an old fight against her. They, geronimo and cacklefur, has to find there way out. Before he locks them in the basement till next morning. On the way, they find a paper “it looked like this”

2018-05-12 10.16.44.png

They also found a key inside  pexels-photo-532420.jpeg. It was the key to the locked door. They opened the gate and ran to the show. Good thing is that it didn’t start by then.


Vacation In Jungle: Letter to your friend (Grade 4 exam) – 2018/March/08


08 March 2018

Dear A***i,

I had a vacation in the jungle and I want to share my experience with you. I reached the forest at night. It was very dark and shadowy. I heard the sound of hooves. After sometime, we had dinner in the hotel and then we went to bed. Sound of roaring beasts woke me up. Next day, in the morning, when we set for home, birds call, and on the way we saw a waterfall. It was a great adventure.

Warm Regards,

Pra**** Vi****


The Story of ‘Thea Stilton The Land of Flowers’ – 2018/Feb/20

The thea sisters (ColetteViolet,NickyPaulina, and Pamela) are in the middle of planning the mouseford spring festival when they received a message from their friend Will Mystry. Will Mystry messaged that ‘the seven roses are wilting’. They travel to the land of flower to find out why are they dying. They fly across the kingdom with the help of faries where they find princess Flora, who was searching for her sister Farrah. They went across the river with green spirits who took them to a tower. They found princess Farrah was captured by a bad witch. That witch had the seven roses. The princesses destroyed her and celebrated the spring festival.